Monday, March 7, 2011

Groovy Man! Tie Dye Cupcakes

Far out!  These flower power cupcakes were not only yummy, but super fun to make.  A great way to get the kiddies involved in the kitchen.  We made these for our weekly craft night, but I think they would be great for a spring party or birthday party.  Hope you have as much fun making them as we did!

1 box of white cake mix
food coloring ( 4 different colors)
cupcake liners
white icing

Prepare your cake batter as directed on the back of the box.  Separate the batter into four little bowls. 
Choose 4 different colors of food coloring.  This is a great part for the kiddos to help with.  Have them add a few drops (or more depending on how dark you want your colors to be) and mix.  Hint: once you have the little ones add the color, recap and put them out of reach.   By the time I went to go get the cupcake liners and return to the table, all of 2 minutes, my son had turned my pink batter, an ugly purple, while my little girl was busy smearing drops of orange all over my table top like it was finger paint.  No...I'm not kidding.

I let my baby girl fill the muffin pans with liners and my boy, fill the liners with batter.  A bit messy and drippy, but all in all not too bad at all I thought.  Carefully spoon one color at a time in layers, for example, Using a tablespoon, I had him add one spoon of blue, gently tapped so spread it out, then we added a tablespoon of yellow, then green, and topped it off with a bit of purple.  We varied the color we started off with, then layered with so that the cupcakes would have some variety.

We followed the cooking directions on the back of the box.  When the timer beeped, tested them with a toothpick to make sure they were done and let them cool completely. 

Frosted them with some fluffy white icing and then of course we had to sample our blast from the past cupcakes. 

Very yummy, as you can tell by my baby girl's frosting covered face.

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